Backbench Business Committee

Ian Mearns: On behalf of the Backbench Business Committee, I welcome the opening of a new and positive dialogue with the Leader of the House about the allocation of parliamentary business to Backbench debates. I know that he would welcome advance notice of any time-sensitive subject applications. We had such an application to the Committee […]

New Grammar Schools

Ian Mearns: In the clamour from some areas about creating new grammar schools, many people forget that the creation of new grammar schools de facto creates secondary modern schools, because the intake is skewed by grammar schools. In his speech to London Councils on Monday, the chief inspector accepted that grammar schools, where they exist, […]

Gateshead’s Schools

One of the things I am most interested in, and which I always greatly keen on being involved, is the education of our children, especially those in Gateshead. I have recently managed to visit several of our schools. I spent a morning at Brandling Primary School, which I am absolutely delighted to say received ‘outstanding […]

EU Referendum

I am, as I’m sure many of you are, extremely saddened by the outcome of the EU referendum vote, and sincerely don’t want to see the UK leave the EU. It was always apparent that the Leave campaign were setting unrealistic goals, and in some cases just blatantly lying to the electorate. That has become […]