I support Jeremy Corbyn

Over the weekend I have received dozens of emails from constituents asking me to continue to support Jeremy Corbyn as the Leader of the Labour Party. At this time of uncertainty, with the country factionalising and a rising sense of uncertainty, now is the time for the Labour Party to stand calm and united. Labour […]

Education Funding in London

I am grateful to the hon. Gentleman. There are many different facets to the differential funding around the country, and one of them is the historical choices of the relevant local authority. We used to have what was called the standard spending assessment, and some authorities chose to spend above the standard level. They funded […]

Questions to The Secretary of State for Education (Nicky Morgan)

The chief inspector said he looked forward to a more diverse system, but how will changing all schools to the same system, as in the Secretary of State’s vision, make things more diverse? How will killing off the alternatives—our local education authorities, which are being denied the funds to provide the services that have improved […]

EU Referendum

With only two days to go until the EU referendum the polls are still worryingly neck and neck. Over 20,000 leaflets have gone out in Gateshead urging people to vote to remain in Europe, and I wholeheartedly support that point of view. No one is claiming that Europe is perfect, but it is most definitely better […]

Food, Drink and Agriculture Strategy

I was very happy to attend the launch of Unite the Union’s Food, Drink and Agriculture Strategy. The Strategy will focus on continuing to organise on equality issues, taking action against the widening equality gap, opposing worker exploitation and campaigning for decent minimum standards, amongst much more.

Regional Devolution

I spoke at a very well attended meeting at the Royal Station Hotel regarding devolution. I’ve spoken about it before at this meeting, but I would like to reiterate once again that I, and many of my colleagues, are not at all against the principle of devolution. In fact, we welcome it. However, we are […]

Local History Walk

As Patron of Gateshead Local History Society I attended this year’s Perambulation. It was a long 13 mile walk of the old Gateshead boundaries, but we were lucky in getting a beautiful day and I thoroughly enjoyed it.