Trade Union Bill: Clause 10 – Opting in by union members to contribute to political funds (22 Oct 2015)

Full text here Ian Mearns: I could not agree more. This measure seeks to undermine the political armoury available to the ordinary citizenry of this country. By comparison, theConservatives, the party of government, get their money from direct donations by large corporations and middle-ranking organisations. They siphon money into the Conservative party, but we do not […]

Trade Union Bill: Clause 8 – Expiry of mandate for industrial action four months after date of ballot (20 Oct 2015)

Full text here Ian Mearns: The Minister is quoting statistics that cover industry and employment in theUK, which includes people who are, by design, on short-term contracts  where turnover is built into the system. By the nature of their employment rights, not having two years to protect their employment, such people will probably not go on […]