According to HMCI Ofsted “Councils should focus on children’s services not schools”

The Work of Ofsted, HC 400 Witnesses: Sir Michael Wilshaw, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills, Ofsted, and Matthew Coffey, Chief Operation Officer, Ofsted Q18 Mr. Ian Mearns (Gateshead): Yes. Sir Michael, the new regional complaints scrutiny committees came into operation earlier this month. Exactly what powers do these committees have? […]

Transcript of representations made on Monday 14 September 2015

Ben Howlett made representations. Q1 Chair: Welcome, Ben. I know that Iain Wright is remaining in the Chamber for the business there at the moment, so it’s over to you in terms of your bid on reform of the criminal justice system and the consultation into the closure of courts and tribunal services in England […]

Union Bill ‘attack on freedom’

Mr. Ian Mearns (Gateshead): Can the hon. Gentleman give some recent examples of “last-minute” industrial action? Mr Mak: Anyone who has used the London underground will know that the trade unions strike on a whim and compromise the ability of shoppers, businesses and investors to go about their business. That is why it is right […]

Tax credit losses to hit thousands

Ian has called George Osborne’s tax credit changes an ‘unmitigated disgrace’. A detailed analysis of the changes announced in July has revealed that working people with a pay of £3.850 a year or more will lose money from their tax credits, with many families being at least £1,000 poorer. Ian said, “It is an unmitigated […]

Role and Responsibilities of the Secretary of State, HC 402

Evidence given by Rt. Hon Nicky Morgan MP, Secretary of State for Education Q1 Neil Carmichael (Chair): We are in session now; this is a public session. We are about to discuss the role and responsibilities of the Secretary of State for Education, so welcome to our Committee. This, incidentally, is the first public session […]

Transcript of representations made on Monday 7 September 2015

Matt Warman made representations. Q1 Chair: Matt, you are applying for a debate about superfast broadband. Would you like to kick off? Matt Warman: Thank you very much, Mr Chairman. I begin by passing on the apologies of Ian Liddell-Grainger, who is my co-lead on this and who, partly because of the debate on Syria, […]